About EZRvent

EZRvent - The Company and Purpose

EZRvent is a California based company that specializes in manufacturing and selling easy to install replacement vents. Our vents look great while helping customers keep out mice, snakes, and other undesirable critters from attics, basements, and garages while maintaining or in some cases improving air flow requirements.

Our Story

EZRvent originated as a residential and commercial construction company. For years we were hard pressed to source off the shelf replacement vents for our own remodel construction clients. We could not find product that would meet our exacting standards for looks, quality, or finish. The only option at the time had been to install low grade surface grills, or install new construction vents that required costly re-stuccoing or residing.

To meet our own needs, we started out custom fabricating vents that not only looked great, but were easy to securely install. These proved to be a big hit with our clients as these vents complemented the replacement windows and doors that we were installing on many jobs. We have also installed our EZRvents on new construction jobs as they complement vinyl clad doors and windows perfectly with their unique picture frame shadow box styling with recessed heavy galvanized, stainless steel, or copper screens.

Today, we offer you our own patent pending designed vents that are unique in the industry, proudly made in the USA, and distributed through our EZRvent Distribution Network.

Now, you too can replace those old rusted out vents without busting out stucco or replacing siding with our EZRvents.

EZRvent FV100 foundation vent installation
All EZRvent products are proudly made in the USA

We care about how easily your install goes and what you think of your EZRvents!

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Barry & Steve along with the crew at EZRvent