AV200 Easy-Eave Under Eave Vents


EZRvent AV200-8H Easy Eve Replacement Vent, for 2x4 Rafter

EZRvent AV200-8H Easy Eve Replacement Vent, for 2x4 Rafter

AV200: Under Eave Attic Replacement Vent, 2x4 Rafter Tail

Fits 2x4 Rafter 24" on center (vent size 3.5 x 22” to 23.5”)

EASY-EAVE under eave vents - are easy to install home replacement vents that look great and keep the critters out. The AV200 is an Under-eave replacement vent for 2x4 rafter. The length is adjustable between 22” to 23-1/2” to accommodate rafter spacing variance and rafter out of toe twist. 

EZRVENT - AV200  Easy-Eave  Under Eave Replacement Vent

Is an easy to install replacement vent for 2x4 rafter tail Under Eave Attic Vents. Our EZRvent AV200 is made of a durable UV protected plastic and heavy gauge 1/8" metal screen that will last for years. Each adjustable vent comes complete with mounting hardware (exterior PrimeGuard 10 polymer-coated screws).

Product Features:

  • Higher Grade Construction
  • Higher Grade Look & Finish: box frame with circle detail & recessed screen
  • Adjustable Length: covers a range of rafter tail centers and accommodates rafter twist
  • Easy and Quick install: Vents are pre drilled
  • No stucco or siding replacement required for installation
  • Securely mounts with two internal surface screws
  • 1/8 inch mesh screen offers added protection of keeping swarming bees out in addition to all the other critters: Birds, Bats, Rats, Mice, Snakes and others.
  • Continuous welded/ heat staked mesh
  • 316 Stainless Steel and Copper Mesh options are available for the most demanding coastal applications
  • Unique Patent Pending Design
  • Vent size 3.5 x 22” to 23.5”
EZRvent AV200-8HC Copper Easy Eve Replacement Vent, for 2x4 Rafter

AV200-8HC Easy Eave Copper Mesh

EZRvent AV200-SS8H 316 Stainless Easy Eve Replacement Vent, for 2x4 Rafter

AV200-SS8H Easy Eve 316 Stainless Mesh

EZRvent AV200-8H Easy Eve Replacement Vent, for 2x4 Rafter

AV200-8H Easy Eve Galvanized Mesh

AV200 Easy-Eave Under-Eave Vents are back in stock for direct orders. 

AV200-8H Heavy Galvanized Mesh:

EZRvent Easy-Eave Detail Photos

AV200-8H Heavy Galv
AV200-8H front
AV200 side - top
AV200 back and weld detail
AV200 as Installed by DIY customer


AV200 Mesh Screen Options:

-8H Heavy Galv
-SS8H Heavy 316 SS
-8HC Heavy Copper



EZRvent AV200 Open Ventilation Area (NFV) per Mesh Option:

Vent Model

Typical 24" on center rafters

Net Free Ventilation (NFV)

FV100-8H (Pro grade Heavy 1/8 Mesh .023 Hot Dip Galv)

27.7 sq in

FV100-SS8H (Custom Pro grade Heavy 1/8 Mesh .028 316 Marine Grade Stainless)

25.2 sq in

FV100-8HC (Custom Pro grade Heavy 1/8 Mesh .028 Copper)

25.2 sq in