Licensed and Bonded


Now, you too can replace those old rusted out vents without busting out stucco or replacing siding with our EZRvents.

All of our EZRvents are designed to look great and be quick and simple to install while maintaining or in some cases improving air flow requirements.

Each replacement vent comes complete with everything you need for a protected and finished look to your dwelling. With the use of a screwdriver, you are ready to go in minutes.

Installation is Easy

Simply remove the old vent screen, push the new EZRvent in place, and install one 2 ½” screw at each end of the vent. It's as easy as that!  Existing stucco and siding remains intact.

Pest Problems?  - No Problem!

Replace those old rusted out Upper and Lower vents in the garage and surrounding areas to prevent small pests from entering. Whether they are rodents (mice, rats, squirrels), snakes, bees, or other critters, our EZRvents will keep your house protected.